Terry Irwin (Transition Design)
Darwin's theory of evolution
HOMO PEACE=the new homo Sapiens
= peace
Gulf futurism (habibi punk);
Middle East
Fatima Al Qadiri and Sofia Al Maria
how might ‘orientals’ take control of the narrative of orientalism?
Sinofuturism (techno orientalism);
East Asia
artist Cheng Ran "Always I Trust (2014)",
philosopher Anna Greenspan,
Lawrence Lek "Sinofuturism (1839–2046 AD) (2016)"
chaohuan (‘the ultra-unreal’)
Liu Cixin’s Three Body Problem (2006)
Wang Newone and Lu Yang/posthuman pop
exogenous orientalist
Berlin-based artist aaajiao
diasporic fantasy or a nightmarish return of the colonial repressed
Afro futurism;
*Africa ex. movie Black Panther
*Eshun 2008
*African American

diasporic fantasy or a nightmarish return of the colonial repressed
a philosophical undertaking will require time and reflection
what is home to you?
where do you feel at home?
how many times did you move?
is there a feeling, memory or item that makes you feel at home?
is there a memory, feeling or item that you remember when in distress or a difficult situation?
what keeps you sane?
how is it to be an immigrant?
do you see yourself as an immigrant?
in what situation would you consider yourself to be in a bubble? aka safe space?
what does a safe space mean for you? how to you objectify a safe space? or imagine it?
what is your happy place? it does not have to be material.
Gabriele de Seta lecture:
Whenever another culture rises to the standard of innovation to the west, the west gets scared and threatened
*Time is cyclical, past turns into presents turns into future turns into past
*East to the west as The OTHER, the exotic one, the weaker one
*imperialism, colonial exploitation
*we wait for the day when the path to paradise will be open
*addiciton is the shadow of hard work
*cybernetic=is a transdisciplinary[1] approach for exploring regulatory systems—their structures, constraints, and possibilities
*occidentolism= the west in the eyes of its enemies
liberal democracy
noun: liberal democracy
a democratic system of government in which individual rights and freedoms are officially recognized and protected, and the exercise of political power is limited by the rule of law.
"the objective of liberal democracy is not limitless freedom"
a state governed under a system of liberal democracy.
plural noun: liberal democracies
"they seek to transform the country into a liberal democracy"
Tuareg people
*North Africa
* The Tuareg people (/ˈtwɑːrɛɡ/; also spelt Twareg or Touareg; endonym: Kel Tamasheq, Kel Tagelmust[4]) are a large Berber ethnic confederation. They principally inhabit the Sahara in a vast area stretching from far southwestern Libya to southern Algeria, Niger, Mali and Burkina Faso.[4] Traditionally nomadic pastoralists, small groups of Tuareg are also found in northern Nigeria.[5]
* For example, unlike many of their settled neighbors, Berber women rarely wear veils and in some of their communities, women even choose their own husbands.

Berber society is centered around the concept of the tribe, which is usually composed of extended family clans. Each tribe has its own chief who often claims to be a descendant of the Prophet Mohammad. The chief is in charge of dispensing justice and resolving disputes as well as making important decisions for the tribe.

* Similar to other nomadic cultures, Berber clans live in portable tents that are set up when they find a good area to graze their animals. One particularly unique part of Berber culture is guest rights. Once someone is given food and water by a Berber, they become their guest. The host then takes responsibility for the guest’s safety.
cyber space
safe space
Todorova about the Balkans and exoticism (1997)
diaspora interviews
A nomad is a person with no settled home, moving from place to place as a way of obtaining food, finding pasture for livestock, or otherwise making a living. The word "nomad" comes ultimately from the classical Greek word νομάς (nomás, "roaming, wandering, especially to find pasture"), from Ancient Greek νομός (nomós, "pasture"). Most nomadic groups follow a fixed annual or seasonal pattern of movements and settlements. Nomadic peoples traditionally travel by animal or canoe or on foot. Today, some nomads travel by motor vehicle. Most[quantify] nomads live in tents or other portable shelters.
The nomadic way of life has become increasingly rare. Many countries have converted pastures into cropland and forced nomadic peoples into permanent settlements.[citation needed]

Although (or because) "[t]he sedentary man envies the nomadic existence, the heck for green pastures [...]"[10] sedentarist prejudice against nomads, "shiftless" "gypsies", "rootless cosmopolitans", "primitive" hunter-gatherers, refugees and urban homeless street-people persists
One of the results of the break-up of the Soviet Union and the subsequent political independence and economic collapse of its Central Asian republics has been the resurgence of pastoral nomadism.[17] Taking the Kyrgyz people as a representative example, nomadism was the centre of their economy before Russian colonization at the turn of the 20th century, when they were settled into agricultural villages. The population became increasingly urbanized after World War II, but some people still take their herds of horses and cows to high pastures (jailoo) every summer, continuing a pattern of transhumance.[citation needed]

Since the 1990s, as the cash economy shrank, unemployed relatives were reabsorbed into family farms, and the importance of this form of nomadism has increased.[citation needed] The symbols of nomadism, specifically the crown of the grey felt tent known as the yurt, appears on the national flag, emphasizing the central importance of nomadism in the genesis of the modern nation of Kyrgyzstan.
* Middle East
* Arab
*Persian Gulf
* Egypt, Israel, Lybia,
*western Tibet
* Kazakhstan
Dom people
In Iran the Asheq of Azerbaijan, the Challi of Baluchistan, the Luti of Kurdistan, Kermānshāh, Īlām, and Lorestān, the Mehtar in the Mamasani district, the Sazandeh of Band-i Amir and Marv-dasht, and the Toshmal among the Bakhtyari pastoral groups worked as professional musicians.
Roma, are an Indo-Aryan ethnic group, traditionally nomadic itinerants living mostly in Europe, and diaspora populations in the Americas. The Romani as a people originate from the northern Indian subcontinent, from the Rajasthan, Haryana, and Punjab regions of modern-day India
pirotski cilim, Pirot carpet
Добородошли у Пирот! Пирот је мали европски град на југоистоку Србије са богатом културном традицијом и бурном историјом. Налази се на значајној међународној трансверзали “коридору 10”, који повезује Европу са Азијом, у средњем веку познатом као Виа милитарис. Пирот је администратовни центар највећег округа у Републици који са њим чине општине Димитровргад, Бабушница и Бела Паланка, док је по површини од 1232 км2 на трећем месту у Републици. Својевремено је био центар прерађивачке индустрије млечних производа, коже, вуне, дрвета и индустрије одеће. Напоменимо да је имао више грла стоке од ондашње Краљевине касније СФР Југославије. Своју познатост Пирот пре свега дугује пиротском овчијем качкаваљу, пиротском ћилиму.
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Ovaj narod karakterizira to što se nikada nisu identificirali s nekom teritorijem pa je njihov identitet intimno povezan za specifičnim idealom slobode koji se potom manifestira u svemu što rade. Valjda zbog toga su im Vizantinci i dali ime koje ih prati do dana današnjeg.
a symptom of helplessness
*alter ego
*different personalities
*create ur own reality
Karakterizira ih to što se nikada nisu identificirali s nekom teritorijem i to što nemaju nikakvo predanje o dalekoj domovini iz koje su njihovi preci došli. Zbog svega toga, njihov je identitet intimno povezan za specifičnim idealom slobode koji se potom manifestira u svemu što rade.
NAM - Non Aligned Movement is a multinational utopian project that emerged in 1961 from the complex political landscape of the Cold War.Orchestrated by 3 key figures: Josip Broz Tito (president of Yugoslavia), Gamal Abdel Nasser (president of Egypt) and Jawaharlal Nehru (the first prime minister of India); it aimed to achieve national sovereignty, decolonisation, anti-imperialism and new economic world order independent of USSR and US.
Utopia for realists book: "The utopia is: A 15h workweek, universal basic income and a world without borders"
To imagine a world in which things are different is evidence only of a poor imagination, not of the impossibility of change.
replace it with GNH Gross NATIONAL HAPPINESS or GPI Genuine Progress Indicator
MONT PELERIN SOCIETY - almost a sect that existed outside the cocoon of mainstream.
John Maynard Keynes: the ideas of economists and philosophers are stronger forces than the vested interests of business leaders and politicians.
All 40 thinkers who came to the Swiss village were encouraged to speak their minds and together they formed a corpse of CAPITALIST RESISTANCE FIGHTERS against socialist supremacy.
(from Migrant magazine 6 "Foreign agents")
All utopian projects are works-in-process. They are defined by ideas of potentiality and of tensions in their ever being or becoming possible. "forward dreaming"
Keighley Esperanto Society was that their language use would pave the way for a future whee conflict, argument or disagreement would be erased by way of a common auxiliary artificial language.
Amikejo, "place of friendship" was founded in 1908 in Neutral Moresnet which itself would be annexed to Belgium in 1919.I 1968 the republic of Rise Island, a micro nation was constructed upon a platform in the Adriatic Sea, shortly after destroyed by the Italian Navi.
Esperanto for Ludwig Lejzer Zamenhof (the founder) was an instrumentalisation of language towards a utopian ideal.
Italian Futurism
*Boccacio "Noise"
NATO bombing,
Serbia (including Kosovo) 1999
An online virtual house tour
/ interactive
Bosnian woman tattoo
sort of a public group performance "target" people against nato bombing
documentary "La causa", Venezuela 2019

sound mapping
"Also, to answer Maia’s question or at the very least attempt to!

I think one alternative to the traditional fashion format would be exemplified by a practice like that of Maison Cleo (Marie and her mom):


In which there is a division of labour, a valuing of craft, a focus on sustainable materials (dead stock fabrics and handmade), but also a focus on transparency in how the labour is carried out and what everything costs. This is a small article of cost breakdown:


There is also a different understanding of distribution: less direct to consumer, more small “product drops” at certain time intervals, and more customization of the order.

Some larger fashion brands take some parts of this way of working and apply it.

This is a mid scale example:

And so is this one:

And this is another sort of larger scale example:
(Notice the production lists the factory which made the garment and I specifically chose this garment as an example because it exemplifies the power dynamics of “Europe”. The clothes are designed in Scandinavia and produced in Romania)

And then there’s is the focus on sustainability which comes less from labour consciousness and more from the use of repurposing, reusing, recycling, dead stock, such as in the case of Duran Lantink:


For me what this points to overall is: putting an emphasis on craft, on recycling, on low scale production, on valuing the labour of your team, and on slowing down the production and consumption processes.

Neither of them “solved capitalism” but they are creating alternatives each in their own way.
1. - labour movement
2. - artist critique
"happiness...promised land" - documentary by Laurent Hasse (2011)
Butcher's tears brewery Amsterdam
* September 2020

Desperados is made by the company called Heineken. Desperados specifically is made at Karlovacka pivovara which is situated in Karlovac, Croatia. Which means that the "European super power" (the Netherlands) took over a Croatian old brewery and now the owners are not Croatian anymore, as it happens with a lot of companies when they enter the eu. So what if we now have a beer made in the Netherlands, but tasts like something made in Balkans?
* dj spooky
* Derrick May
* Goldie
* A guy called Gerard
* Sun Ra Arkestra
* George Clinton and Parliament "Mothership connection"
* Underground resistance (Detroit techno)
"The line between social reality and science fiction is an optical illusion"
* making my own gusle from kitchen and/or house equipment
Bojana Pekovic, female gusle musician
from Nis, Serbia.
Jelena Miljanić from Banjana (13 years old) Montenegro
Friedrich Kittler: Military-entertainment complex
Steve Goodman - Sonic Warfare
pagode baiano
paredão Brazilian soundsystem
Le Voyage Dans la Lune
berimbao (instrument)
cultural appropriation?
from online magazine "the Correspondent"
spamantha_bones on soundcloud
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an archaic = somebody who comes after the end of a previous world
we always look back in order to build new futures
your work addressed to people that yet not exist
All living art is the history of the future.
Wyndham Lewis
The genre was pioneered by DJs and producers mainly from Chicago and New York such as Frankie Knuckles, Larry Levan, Ron Hardy, Jesse Saunders, Chip E., Steve "Silk" Hurley, Farley "Jackmaster" Funk, Larry Heard (also known as Mr. Fingers), Marshall Jefferson, Phuture
acid house, deep house, hip house, ghetto house, progressive house, future house, tropical house, tech house, electro house
art is magic because with art we can create a fantasy, our own world...
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Joshua Thies from RAAR Radio
Dr. Rupert Sheldrake - Morphic Fields
Morphic resonance is a process whereby self-organising systems inherit a memory from previous similar systems. In its most general formulation, morphic resonance means that the so-called laws of nature are more like habits. The hypothesis of morphic resonance also leads to a radically new interpretation of memory storage in the brain and of biological inheritance.

-Nina Simone
Uranium is the heaviest and last naturally occurring element in the periodic table. The periodic table is a chart that shows how chemical elements are related to each other. Uranium occurs near the beginning of the actinide family. The actinide family consists of elements with atomic numbers 90 through 103.

At one time, uranium was considered to be a relatively unimportant element. It had a few applications in the making of stains and dyes, in producing specialized steels, and in lamps. But annual sales before World War II (1939-45) amounted to no more than a few hundred metric tons of the metal and its compounds.






By far the most important application is in nuclear weapons and nuclear power plants. The reason for this importance is that one isotope of uranium, uranium-235, undergoes nuclear fission.

Nuclear fission is the process by which neutrons are fired at a target. The target is usually made of uranium atoms. When neutrons hit the target, they cause the nuclei of uranium atoms to break apart. Smaller elements are formed and very Large amounts of energy are given off.

When this reaction is carried out with no attempt to capture or control the energy, an enormous explosion takes place. This release of nuclear energy accounts for the power of a nuclear weapon such as an atomic bomb. In reactors, the energy released during fission is used to boil water. Steam is produced and is converted to electricity. The controlled release of nuclear energy takes place in a nuclear power plant.
deepdream generator
AI = artificial inteligence
Maksym Kozlov
how to make ur face in a qr code
^ this one can make qr code with transparent background^
^ how to embed text in qr code^
*you can also make the background transparent in photoshop and it will still be scannable
*Adbuster Magazine
*Politics of design (book)
SPRECHGESANG = spoken singing
*funeral lamentation (when women mourn a dead person)
- in the Balkans its common to hire a choir of mourning women to mourn the dead my singing (na srpskom su to NARIKACHE)
Katalin Ladik
Geometric Constructions Balloon Technique
Bredley Sharpe
Sun Woo
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