a constant creation of the ego
we don't know much about her
* Suzan likes to eat white soft bread with cheese
* Suzan takes her dog for a walk on the beach every Sunday
* Suzan has a golden retriever
* Suzan's favourite flowers are daisies
* Suzan likes to drive her car, but not too fast. Suzan's car is ofc electric
Ekaterina thinks life is pain
diagnosys - manic depression
favourite colour - black
very abstract
* suzan is a dentist
* Suzan's life makes sense to most people especially parents, that is why nobody asks Suzan difficult questions
* Suzan is content with her life; she never questions this reality or has existential crises
* Suzan never really struggled in her life
Maya or Maia
my higher self
flies on the back of an eagle
gucci glasses cause she hot and stylish af
emerging from the Himayalan mountains
shines bright like a diamond
very long hair, kinda feral
Spamantha Bones
the perfect housewife
she is wilding
5 kids perfect mum
mafia boss or soccer player husband
Zoka Bleya
likes to be alone
lives in the forest in a cabin with wolves
always behind the camera
Character development

From the 9th of November I have been participating in 'Shop Literati' - a workshop on character development at the book store San Serriffe in Amsterdam city centre.

1st session: fake name Maraya, she is shopping through the mall with a stroller where her baby is chilling; she is the typical ghetto mom; her starbucks frappuccino in one hand, stroller in the other hand; complaining about everything, searching for the impossible products (ex. the milk Nicky Minag used to feed her baby...); she is also chewing gum and does not speak much but judges; a lot of the products she is searching for, she saw on tiktok

2nd session: absent

3rd session: fake name YA; YA is the CEO of YA; YA is a company that is kind of a spiritual courier; they send your deepest wishes to the universe for you. YA's business partners are Yahoo and the Metaverse. The YA store is not only a store, it is a home to the YA community. We don't believe in the material, we live in the future.
yamaste instead of namaste
if your name is lets say Matthew, when you are part of YA, you become YAtthew

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