a new society is being built in secret
inhumanity of the cult of commodity
individual & social
emancipation is the only way out.
identification with an ethnic or national community, with a religion, ideology, or any abstracion is nothing but a blood-soaked delusion
from 'freedom is a constant struggle' by angela davis

a world where a corporation like monsanto would be deemed criminal. where homophpbia and transphobia can truly be called historical relics along with the punishment of incarceration and institutions of confinement for disabled people, and where everyone learn how to respect the environment and all of the creatures, human and nonhuman alike, with whom we cohabit our worlds.
- understand the tyranny of the universal
- economic, social and ideological structures but also collective psychic structures
- ...who have not learned how to imagine the future - who are not now in possession of the education and the imagination that allows them to envision the future.
- the process of trying to assimilate into an existing category in many ways runs counter to efforts to produce radical or revolutionary results.
- don't even become too attached to the concept of gender, it is embedded in a range of social, political, cultural, and ideological formations.
- and in the meantime, create the ideological illusion that the surrounding society is safer and more free because the dangerous Black people and Latinos, and the dangerous native Americans,etc. are locked up. in the meantime, corporations profit and poor communities suffer. public education suffers, because it is not profitable according to corporate measures. if punishment can be profitable, then certainly health care should be profitable too.

- totally overburdened with decades of oppressive ideology.
romanticizing the concept of leaderless movements:
- ella baker '...collective analysis, serious strategizing, organizing, mobilizing, consensus building...'
William Faulkner
Hrant Dink, Arundhati Roy, Naomi Klein, Loic Wacquant, Nazim Hikmet
Stuart Hall urged us to distinguish between outcome and impact
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nesto izmedju evropske unije i yugoslavije

neka nova unija
maybe we are not evolved enough as homo sapience sapience to be able to rest properly and do nothing.... our survival instinct is still very active
Soka Gakkai