Sebastián Silva
Chilean director and actor
A happening is a performance, event, or situation art, usually as performance art. The term was first used by Allan Kaprow during the 1950s to describe a range of art-related events.
Listening Exercises: Towards Ethics of Silent Resistance (at Spui25, Amsterdam), jan 2024
with Costica Bradatan and Miriam Rasch

NIAS - research institute

parasites life - doing nothing - embracing the loser (as example they gave Emiel Cioran who refused to get a job and lived poor in Paris)
but it's the hardest thing to do - doing nothing
Looking the void in the face
nowadays we just work work, work, we are self-enslaved
Samuel Beckett said 'What if we fail worse...'
The dark side of existence
constant positivity and optimism, sugar coated reality when you don't even get a chance to the darkest side of existence

opting out - nowadays online invisibility is paying a high price
project = you pro ject something into the future
Sartre (Life is a project)
practice = has no deadline, like a project has
to do nothing as doing nothing to contribute to the economic market, to change the world

listening - deep listening, is a passive activity, quantum effect
about books and dictatorship
relevance = danger (example Jan Patocka)
irrelevance = safety

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slim shady medieaval remix
Khanyisile Mbongwa
is a Cape Town-based independent curator, award-winning artist, and sociologist who engages with her curatorial practice as Curing & Care. Thus using the creative to instigate spaces for emancipatory practices, joy and play.

Jack Ky Tan
Working across, performance, sculpture, law and policy-making, his practice is an ongoing exploration of social justice that blurs the boundaries between, art, law, governance, and consultancy. Looking toward alternative cosmologies and knowledge systems that predate Judaeo-Christian or colonial narratives, Tan interrogates the legacies of colonialism with a particular interest in Commonwealth and Tropical epistemologies of resistance. By questioning how embedded societal structures form our laws and guide our behaviour, Tan's work attempts to rethink our entanglement with the human and more-than-human world, and looks towards alternative ways of living and working.